Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Winter 2019 Convention
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront
Cocoa Beach, FL

Convention Program

A Special Invitation from President Charles Morgenstein

    Hello from sunny, warm Florida!  Sharon and I are eager to host all of you in Cocoa Beach.  We wanted to share a few highlights of our wonderful host hotel with you.  The Hilton Cocoa Beach is right on the sand dunes and the soft sands of the beach.  As you approach, you will see the thatched roof of a really nice Tiki Hut bar which adjoins a lovely patio area.  There is a splash pad and a nice swimming pool close by, as well as a place to arrange oceanside activities.  There are two more outside bars for those who need another round or two on the way over the planked walkway to the beach.

    In the lobby area, you will find a great little coffee shop, as well as a Gelato Bar!  Sharon and I have sampled (small samples, I promise) the Gelato and it is great!

    Our breakfasts will not be at the ordinary restaurant or buffet area.  They will be in a special glass-enclosed private room which adjoins a beautiful wood deck overlooking the sand dunes and the blue Atlantic Ocean.  Our breakfasts will consist of an upgraded buffet and we will be able to eat both inside and on the deck (weather permitting).

    News regarding the registration rates for members, spouses and younger folks will be coming shortly.  We are working hard to keep them as low as possible, while keeping the quality of the conference and that activities at a very high level.  CRM

 …. And A Special Message from First Lady Sharon Morgenstein

Fellow LPBA Co-Pilots,

First Lady Sharon at the world-famous
original Ron Jon's Surf Shop.
    I am finally on the mend and getting really excited about going Loco in Cocoa!  The other spouses and I are working hard to select from among the various phenomenal experiences to be enjoyed while our other-halves are in CLE classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings, and to weigh in to the Convention Committee on afternoon activities that we can ALL enjoy.

    I have been watching carefully over the past few years, and talking to as many of you as I can, to see what works, and what doesn't.  One thing I know for sure is that, try as I might, it is impossible to make EVERYBODY completely happy.  But I know that the spouses are going to try really hard to make Cocoa Beach the best it can be for first-timers ("Blue Dots"), young couples, and families bringing children.  

    Charlie, V.P. Frank Steinberg, and the rest of the Convention Committee have planned a great conference with activities all over the Space Coast for us all to enjoy.  But I am very interested in the opinions of the Co-Pilots, the moms or dads with kids, the wives, the husbands, the significant others of both genders, and others who may not attend the morning CLE meetings.  Please e-mail me at to initiate a conversation if you have ideas or questions.  I will do my best to help you enjoy Cocoa Beach, whether this is your first LPBA Conference or your 50th.  

    It's just a few short months to go until we can all gather on the sand with drinks in our hands renewing old friendships and making new ones.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you as we celebrate LPBA's 60th Anniversary by going Loco in Cocoa!

See 'ya there!  

Contact Person
Name: Karen Griggs
Phone: (410) 571-1750

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