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SAVE THE DATE LPBA HANGAR CHAT - February 9, 2021. 4:00 PM EST / 2100 Z


In its continuing effort to increase the value of your membership the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association is excited to introduce "Hangar Chat". Hangar chat is an opportunity for LPBA members and perspective members to gather virtually via zoom for a one-hour presentation on an aviation or aviation law topic presented by experts in the field. "Hangar Chat" Will afford attendees the opportunity to connect with each other before and after the presentation to catch up on the goings on in our lives and practices. "Hangar Chat" is being offered for the low low price of FREE.

Our first scheduled hangar chat Is entitled HEY, YOU'RE A LAWYER, WHAT DO I TELL THE FAA?

Let's face it, it's happened to many of us, your airport acquaintance from 3 hangars down approaches you one day when you're pushing your plane back into the hangar and says: "Hey I got a call from the FAA about something that happened a few weeks ago , you're a lawyer right? What do I tell them?" The fact that you're an estate planning attorney has never entered their mind, all they know is that you have a law degree and know how to fly a plane, therefore you must know everything about dealing with the FAA. This presentation will be a scenario-based program where scenarios will be presented to our panelists Kathy Yodice, Esq and Mark Kolber Esq. who will offer their advice, views and opinions on how to best advise your hangar neighbor on each scenario. If you have a scenario that you would like to submit to the panel, please email it to

In the coming days please look for a zoom invitation to register for the conference if you have friends who are attorney pilots who are not yet members of the LPBA please pass the invitation on to them as we would love to have them join as well stay safe and tailwinds.

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LPBA is an international non-profit bar association that promotes aviation law through its quarterly journal and semiannual CLE meetings at resort locations. There are membership categories for lawyer-pilots, pilots, lawyers, law students, and all those interested in aviation, aviation safety, and the law. Our membership includes approximately 600 attorneys and aviation enthusiasts with annual dues of just $119 ($49 for law students).

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