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LPBA Summer 2010 Meeting
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Farmington, PA

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles

An example of the outstanding gatherings LPBA members get to enjoy was at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, where Art Luman relinquished the torch of President into my hands. What a fantastic place! The hotel had its own runway an easy walk to the main buildings. (On final approach to Runway 05 it looked as though there was hardly room for the wingtips to scrape by the hotel.) There were pools, zip lines, climbing wall, a zoo, and even the world’s smallest aviation museum which housed Steve McQueen’s old Pitcairn.

We had good weather, informative and interesting speakers, and even a static display of members’ aircraft ranging from Mike Pangia’s classic SNJ, to Gary Evans spotless Aerostar (Gary has hired a gremlin to sit on the wing in flight to make sure all bugs are immediately wiped off the leading edges and his new four bladed composite props), to my glass cockpit Cirrus. Golf proved slightly challenging due to the heat, but the golfers swung their way through a challenging and scenic course. Jim Gilman, our new Treasurer, is to be commended for his continuing work organizing the golf tournament. And, of course, Jay Fred Cohen showed off his skills as a marksman, killing almost every clay pigeon which crossed in front of his 12 gauge. I tried out this trap shooting for the first time and was beaten out by a twelve year-old! It will take some time for the bruising on my shoulder (and my ego) to fade away.

Charlie Finkel, LPNA President 2010-2011

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