Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Winter 2010 Meeting
Hawks Cay Resort
Duck Key, FL

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles

The Florida Keys are a 112 mile long chain of islands that begin at the very bottom of Florida's mainland. They are often referred to as America's Caribbean. The Keys are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. They offer some of the finest fishing and diving in the world and are the home of the only living Coral Reef in the Continental United States. The Keys are also the home of some of Florida's finest parks and sanctuaries and there are plenty of places to shop for island wear, home decor, etc.

For those of us who attended the winter meeting at Hawks Cay, we can all look back on a wonderful few days spent in the sun of southern Florida. True, the temperature was only in the 60s and 70s, but after spending most of the Winter in the northeast where the temperatures hovered around the freezing mark for day after day and the snows made life miserable, the Florida weather was wonderful as were the days spent with all of our friends, fellow members of The Lawyer Pilots Bar, with whom we meet every six months.

As I have noted in my prior articles, we at LPBA have always tried to pick meeting locations which are interesting and beautiful so that in addition to receiving some continuing legal education we, along with our families, can enjoy several days at a great resort. Thus, our meetings have been wonderful events, not only for our members, but also for their families, including the young adults and children.

Art Luman,, LPBA President 209-2010

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