Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Summer 2006 Meeting
Mohegan Sun
Uncasville, CN

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles

The Lawyer Pilots Bar Association met from July 12-16, 2006 at the Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, Conneticut. Mohegan Sun is a major destination resort located in the heart of the northeast.
The Board of Directors and Executive Committees met on Wednesday and dealt with the many challenging tasks of running a quality international bar association. After our daily CLE programs we had free time to explore local attractions such as Mystic Seaport.

A highlight of the meeting was a party held at the home of Marty and Susan Weiss
Lobster feast courtesy of 2006-2007 LPBA President Marty Weiss
Marty and Susan Weiss receieve well deserved thanks for a great year.

Photographs courtesy of Tim Fretts, Glenn Cook, Kathy Yodice, and Gary Allen

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