Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Winter 2006 Meeting
Amelia Island Palantation Resort
Amelia Island, FL

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles


The Lawyer Pilots Bar Association Winter 2006 meeting was held at the Amelia Island Palantation Resort. Located near the historic community of Fernandina Beach, an area once overrun by pirates, the resort offered something for everyone. By the end of the meeing, LPBA president Marty Weiss had the entire group "talking like pirates". AAARGH !

A unique bar on the propery, Falcons Nest, was made to order for our aviation minded group

The CLE programs were excellent, and a variety of topics were covered. Thanks to President Elect Tim Ftrets and President Marty Weiss for delivering such a fine program. Speakers included Mike Simmons, Brad Mathison, Gary Allen, Dan Barks, Lt. Col. Dwight Schmidt, Maj. Wes Sharp, Robert F. Spohrer, Lionel M. Lavenue and Michael V. Kruljac.

The spot landing demonstration was held at Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport (55J). The airports FBO, McGill Aviation, is owned and operated by LPBA member John McGill. John provided our group will excellent accomodations, and made the necessary arrangements to allow us to "take over" the field for our event. A total of 8 aircraft participated, with Tim Frets taking home the grand prize. A notable entry was Eilon Krugman-Kadi in his L-39 jet.

At our Saturday night banquet, awards were made for golf, trap shooting and spot landing.
Photographs courtesy of Kathy Yodice, Errol Kantor, Clark Bell, Marty Weiss, Gary Allen, Ed and Palmer Booth

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