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LPBA Summer 2005 Meeting
Grand Hotel
Mackinac Island, MI

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles

The Lawyer Pilots Bar Association met at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan from July 6-10, 2005. LPBA has visited Mackinac Island many times, holding summer meetings at the Grand Hotel in 1967, 1973, 1979, 1983 and 1989. LPBA President Kathy Yodice continued with her island meeting location theme, having taken the group to Grand Bahama Island for the winter 2005 meeting and finished her term as President at this most unique island on Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Approaching Mackinac Island from the west, RWY 8 at MCD comes into view.
Gary Evans in Twin Commander N799CE inbound over the Grand Hotel
A perfect setting for a meeting of flying lawyers, the island airport provided convenient access to a record 22 member aircraft.
Mackinac Island has a history going back hundreds of years, and gives one a glimpse of an era just predating the development of motorized transportation. Internal combustion engines are banned from use in road vehicles, with horses and bicycles providing transportation. Aircraft are the only motorized conveyances allowed on the island, and it is a unique experience to trade your airplane for a horse upon arrival.
Our traditional welcome party was held on the expansive front porch of the Grand Hotel.
The highlight of our CLE presentations was a "mock" trial demonstrating an FAA enforcement proceeding before an NTSB Administrative Law Judge.Zoltan Winger, seen here with his lovely wife, was charged with a number of FAA rule violations.
An able prosecution and defense team kept the audience guessing, until real life NTSB Administrative Law Judge Roger Mullins settled matters.
Perfect weather, a one of a kind setting, and great friends made this a meeting we will long remember.
Our next meeting will be held in Florida at the Amelia Island Resort, February 22-26, 2006
Photographs contributed by Ed Booth, Palmer Booth , Gary Evans and Kathy Yodice

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