Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Summer 2002 Meeting
Chateau Whistler
British Columbia, Canada

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles


LPBA met North of the 50th Parallel from July 17-21, 2002.

180 members and guests of the LPBA and the NTSB Bar Association combined

forces to make AIRLAW 2002 a success. Our meeting featured interesting seminars, spectacular

scenery, great friends and even the wedding of one of our members!

Sid Berlin, Erik Rigler, Jeanine & Robert Feldman, Glenn Cook and Ed Booth,Jr. provided these photographs:

Welcome Reception

CLE Seminars

Up on the Mountain

Around Whistler

Wedding Bells

Spot Landing Contest-CYPS (Pemberton)

Jim Pokorny's winning spot landing as seen from the right seat of N6447A

Fun Run

This was the site of the Fun Run- aka "The Pokorny Death March"

Banquet-featuring AOPA President Phil Boyer