Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Winter 2000 Meeting
Marquis Hotel
Palm Springs, CA


Scenes from The Marquis Hotel at Palm Springs, over 130 LPBA members and guests enjoyed 4 days of fun, fellowship, flying and continuing legal education.


Palm Springs Resorts Regional (Thermal) - field elevation minus 117'

AIRBOSS Phil Alpert , having secured all the required local permits, FAA waivers and liability releases, prepares his ground crew for the contest . A test of precision flying skills, and ones willingness to sacrifice an expensive set of aircraft tires to win a few cheap trinkets, the event held at the Palm Springs Resorts Regional - Thermal Airport (TRM) featured a unique mix of aircraft.

1. Tim Frets- 35 feet: Baron N 583TF

2. Bob Guilford- 40 feet: Soko Galeb N143SG

3. Charles Finkel- 50 feet: Bonanza N330CL

4. el presidente Pokorny- 75 feet: h Centurion N6447A

Spot Landing Winners

Golf Winners

Movie Quiz Winners

Photography by Sid Berlin & Ed Booth, Jr