Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Winter 2013 Meeting
Hotel Intercontinental
New Orleans, LA

Convention Program - Including Speakers and Presentation Titles

WOW! Our New Orleans Winter meeting was FUN!  Three blocks from the French Quarter.  The CLE program was first-class and fascinating.  Betsy had a full schedule of activities for the spouses, who learned Creole cooking at the entertaining New Orleans School of Cooking, just walking distance from the hotel.  All the cooks savored their own cooking: shrimp gumbo, jambalaya, and for dessert—pecan pralines to die for.

On other days, spouses enjoyed guided tours of historically furnished and ornate ante-bellum mansions, the sights of the City of New Orleans, and a really spooky tour of the unique cemeteries.

As Betsy explained it to me, the land is so wet that at first (the story goes) the deceased were buried in trees so the fish would not chew on their toes.  When there were no more trees, the dead were laid to rest stacked in above-ground crypts. As the bodies turned to dust, the bones of the wealthy would be removed and interred in family plots; as for the poor, undertakers took a long stick to push the bones from the crypt into a hole at the back make room for more corpses to be stacked in the crypts; the vernacular for this was “getting shafted”!

The continuing legal education program was first-class, with aviation law presentations and two ethics credits from two different presentations, including social media ethics in litigation.  We learned from presentations on the latest developments in aviation law, the pilot’s bill of rights updates, infectious diseases (not snakes!) on planes, fuel contamination, high-tech management of complex litigation, and much more.

LTC Traxler (call sign “TX”), commander of the USAF Special Air Support Squadron, drove down from Ft. Benning with his wife Erica (the Squadron’s unofficial wife/ mother-in-command), and a de-militarized special operations drone packed in their car. “TX” gave a rousing, dynamic, jaw-dropping presentation of real-time joint operations centers and drones in action in Afghanistan. The JAG officers were in the JOC making the legal decisions and interpreting the rules of engagement as the Special Operations Forces were in fact executing the new doc- trine of modern warfare and dancing with the Taliban.

The Spot Landing Event was held in Slidell Friday afternoon and everyone had a great time there.

All attendees did their duties in putting the hospitality suite through its paces, exhausting all of its class six stores, necessitating an urgent mission to Costco to re-load.  Really, a lot gets done at the hospitality suite; but what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans.