Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
LPBA Winter 2018 Convention
Omni La Mansion del Rio
San Antonio, TX

Convention Program

The hotel, La Mansion, is an outstanding property located right in the heart of the Riverwalk, along the San Antonio River. The rooms are really nice, the architecture is beautiful, and the service is outstanding. Rooms for our group will be priced at $209 per night (listed at $269 to $349) with upgrades available and with both pre and post-convention rates based on availability (although if interested in pre-convention time frame, it’s highly recommended to make reservations early).

We’re going shooting again. Thursday afternoon, the San Antonio Gun Club (the scene of our 2002 excursion) will again be hosting our shotgun assault on those dastardly clay pigeons. Located about a dozen miles from downtown, they can accommodate as many as 40 of us. Marksman or novice, all are welcome. We’ll have private use of the field, be renting their 12-guage and 20-guage shotguns, getting a group deal on ammo, and will have “unlimited targets.” Because the field rental is a fixed, we’ll just split that by the number of shooters we have, and individuals can buy as much ammo as they want. We’ll take a small deposit with registration and figure the rest out on the fly.

On Thursday night we’re coordinating with a local tour company for “Tacos & Tequila” which will work sort of like a progressive dinner, where we get appetizers at one restaurant, coordinated main courses at another place, and desserts at yet another, sampling the specialties of some of San Antonio’s finest cuisine, while making sure not to leave any margaritas unfinished, as someone else does the driving. This is sure to be a special treat, giving us some of the history and local flavor of the best of Texas.

On Friday afternoon we’ll be taking a trip to Top Golf & iFly. As you may remember from Austin a couple of LPBA summer conferences ago, Top Golf is a 3-story tall golf driving range with electronic technology and golf balls with sensors inside, it’s a new twist that reinvigorates the game for veterans and newbies alike. Add cocktails and a buffet and now we’re talking real sport.

Right next door to Top Golf is a place called “iFly.” Indoor skydiving. A vertical wind tunnel the size of a building. We’re gonna do that too. I know some of you purists would rather jump out of a perfectly good airplane for these speed thrills, and I’ve done that, but this looks like more fun than you should be allowed to have with you clothes on. We’ll be arranging transportation to Top Golf & iFly together (about 20 min. from the hotel), and hopefully work it so that people (like me) that want to do both can do that. But I’m thinking that we may want to do the skydiving part before the buffet part. Or maybe not.

Speaking of flying, on Saturday afternoon, we are planning to again conduct our traditional Spot Landing Demonstration at Devine Municipal Airport, a general aviation airport about 35 miles from San Antonio. Although Stinson Field is closer to the hotel than Devine, and may be the GA destination of choice for those of you flying yourselves in, but it wasn’t available for spot landing. So don’t miss LPBA’s signature event.

We’re also planning for several spouse’s activities during the CLE class time. We’ve got a historic boat cruise along the San Antonio Riverwalk, a cooking class with La Mansion’s gourmet chef, and several other surprises in store. And there’s also our Fun Run/Walk/Talk/Swim along the Riverwalk.

If it sounds like there may be too much to do, you may be right about that. However, all of these planned events are going to be optional, in terms of what and how much you each want to do. There are lots of museums and monuments within easy walking distance (the Alamo, you may have heard of that one), so this could be the most customizable conference we’ve had in some time, with something for everyone and lots of stuff for anyone. Susan and I look forward to seeing y’all in San Antonio on March 7th.

All the best,
Lloyd Kirschbaum
LPBA President

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