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  Navion Financial Advisors

Mr.    Joel    Larsen   CFP, AIF 
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(530) 297-7441
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Navion Financial Advisors
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355 2nd Street, #B
DavisCalifornia 95616
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Associate Member. Comprehensive Financial Planning; Portfolio Management; Qualified Retirement Plans


Navion Financial Advisors was formed in response to the growing public awareness that while they needed to coordinate all their financial affairs, they also want choice and flexibility. Many people are comfortable handling their own affairs most of the time, and wish to just validate their decisions on an occasional basis. Others want to ongoing assistance. Most want to know what it is they are paying for, and how much. By offering hourly, as needed financial planning separate from investment management, Navion Financial Advisors can provide the precise level of service the client desires. From a one hour consultation for a specific question, to a comprehensive financial plan, to ongoing portfolio management, the client decides what will best fit their wants and needs.

There are many facets to financial planning. The one principal common to all of these areas is that decisions - and the advice that results - should only come after thorough examination of all the pertinent factors have been examined.

This labor intensive process requires not only the abilities of a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner, but also that of a well trained, skilled support staff. This combination enables Navion Financial Advisors to serve a diverse mix of clients all across the country, helping them - and you - to achieve your financial objectives.

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