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Aviation Value Expert Witness

Stephen Coonan is an Air Transport Pilot and Certified Senior Aircraft Appraiser who brings more than 40 years of experience to complex disputes including matters related to real time and forensic valuation. He has hands-on operations expertise in the aviation community. In addition, Mr. Coonan has owned and operated two FAA Air Carrier certificates. He has provided expert testimony on a number of occasions in arbitration proceedings. He has provided training and corporate pilot services in various countries around the world, including Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Having conducted numerous high-profile appraisals of public company aircraft valuation and other matters, Mr. Coonan has presented his findings to special committees including, most notably, the Internal Revenue Service. He is only one of three appraisers in the country providing quarterly valuations of NetJets’ billion-dollar aircraft fleet. Mr. Coonan’s other clients include law firms, corporations, individuals, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. His valuation scope of work ranges from the simple Cessna 172 to highly complex Airbus A-340. His assignments number in the hundreds with a total valuation of some $11 billion.

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