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Aviation law


The practice of aviation law requires legal acumen and flying knowledge – so who better to represent clients than Daniel Kron – a pilot and a lawyer. He’s the perfect choice with his focus on aviation law.

The FAA has myriad regulations and restrictions that it enforces rigorously. There are many minute rules to comply with, and many aspiring and current pilots are unaware of these. Mr. Kron’s deep understanding of both the legal regulations and technical aspect of being a pilot allows him to represent his clients and keep they doing what they love doing – flying. Few regulatory hurdles are greater than protecting your reputation with the FAA – it can be a tough road to follow.

Fortunately, Mr. Kron’s legal services are focused on ensuring his clients are always up to speed on the necessary regulations. Earning his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami, Mr. Kron gained a reputation as a thinker who also engaged himself in deep discussions. And since then his career has only blossomed further, with a J.D. from Syracuse University in 2006. Ever since, Mr. Kron has helped numerous clients over several different areas of the law. In addition to aviation law, these include traffic law, criminal defense, family law, and contract law.

A pilot himself, Mr. Kron manages his own certifications with the FAA, and understands how difficult it can be to make sure that all required FAA documentation is in perfect order. That’s why he’s broadened his specialization to assist those without the requisite legal knowledge to comport with all regulations and restrictions. He understands that it can be challenging for many people to know the myriad details of this complex are of law, but Mr. Kron’s services ease the way for those without a lot of options to make sure they can still fly. To consult with Mr. Kron, call or email our legal offices right away. Mr. Kron is selective in the cases that he accepts, but is always willing to discuss the next steps proceeding forward. If he does accept your case, you will be taking advantage of his quality over quantity approach that can make all the difference when working with the FAA.

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