Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
List of Officers, Vice Presidents, Regional Vice Presidents, State Chairs

LPBA Officers
Immediate Past President

Franklyn C. Steinberg, III
Salvatore Lagonia
Greg Reigel
Darrell Clay
Charles R. Morgenstein

Elected Directors
Christian Pezalla
Stuart Smith
John Cane
Greg Reigel
Vincent J. Allen
Gina Constant
Gary Allen
Jared Allen
Other LPBA Contacts
Executive Director Karen Griggs
Journal Editor Gary W. Allen
Website Gina Constant
Publicity Kathy Yodice
Membership Chairman Jim Wade
Merchandise Carol A. Might
Nominating Franklyn Steinberg
Program Salvatore Lagonia
Tax & Insurance Jay Fred Cohen
Continuing Legal Education Errol K. Kantor
Convention John S. Yodice
Government Liaison Jared Allen
Financial Darrell Clay

Regional Vice Presidents and State Chairs

US Map Mountain Great Lakes Central Pacific South West Southern Eastern Alaska New England

 Alaska Region
Vice President
 Central Region
Vice President Scott J. Gunderson
Iowa Chair Roland D. Peddicord
  Des Moines
Kansas Chair Kent S. Jackson
  Overland Park
Missouri Chair Lynn C. Rodgers
Nebraska Chair vacant

 Eastern Region
Vice President Arthur E. Luman
  White Plains, New York
Delaware Chair David Roeberg
D.C. Chair Gregory S. Winton
Maryland Chair vacant
NewJersey Chair vacant
New York Chair Mitch Baumeister
  NY, NY
Pennsylvinia Chair Ray Sobota
Virginia Chair Thomas K Berger
West Virginia Chair vacant

 Great Lakes Region
Vice President Steven Polachek
   Barrington, IL
Illinois Chair Susan Polachek
Indiana Chair vacant
Michigan Chair Donald Frank
Minnesota Chair Harold Hitchcock
North Dakota Chair vacant
Ohio Chair E. Bruce Hadden
South Dakota Chair vacant
Wisconsin Chair Russell A. Klingaman

 New England Region
Vice President John B. Oestreicher
   North Bradford, CT
Connecticut Chair Bernard W. Steadman
Maine Chair vacant
Massachusetts Chair Peter J. Puciloski
New Hampshire vacant
Rhode Island Chair vacant
Vermont Chair vacant

 Northwest Mountain Region
Vice President Jim Walden
   Seattle, WA
Colorado Chair Bruce Lampert
Idaho Chair vacant
Montana Chair Kori Jo Schloemer
Oregon Chair vacant
Utah Chair vacant
Washington Chair Robert Hedrick
Wyoming Chair vacant

 Southern Region
Vice President Robert Feldman
   Coral Gables
Alabama Chair Vacant
Florida Chair vacant
Georgia Chair C. Glenn Cook,Jr.
Kentucky Chair Harry L. Riggs, Jr.
Mississippi Chair Wayne E. Ferrell, Jr.
North Carolina Chair vacant
South Carolina Chair vacant
Tennessee Chair vacant
Puerto Rico Chair vacant
Virgin Islands Chair vacant

 Southwestern Region
Vice President Mark Pierce Email
  Austin, Texas
Arkansas Chair James M. Llewellyn, Jr.
   Ft. Smith
Louisiana Chair Darryl Christen
New Mexico Chair Thomas E. Jones
Oklahoma Chair vacant
Texas Chair Gary L. Evans Email
   The Woodlands

 Western Pacific Region
Vice President Charles M. Finkel
   Los Angeles, California
Arizona Chair S. Jon Trachta
   Tucson Email
N. California Chair Vacant
S. California Chair Charles B. Harris
   San Diego
Hawaii Chair vacant
Nevada Chair Justine A. Harrison
   Las Vegas Email

 International Region
Vice President Timothy R. Scorer
London, England
Australia Chair Spencer L. Ferrier
Germany Chair Rolf W. Quist

 Western Canadian Region
Vice President vacant

 Eastern Canadian Region
Vice President Patrick Floyd
Ottawa, Ontario