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President's LPBA Letter

Fellow LPBA Members:

At our conferences, someone usually shouts out, “What sucks about being us?” The response from those present is “Nothing!!!!”

This will never be as true as March 6 – 10, a few short weeks from now, when we will meet on the warm Florida sands to go Loco in Cocoa! My biggest problem has been choosing which of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are offered in the area I have to exclude because we just don’t have time to do everything. Because of this, I would urge any of you who can to take advantage of the great rates we negotiated to come to Cocoa Beach up to 3 days before the conference and to stay for up to 3 days after the conference is over.

We have packed our agenda chock full of activities. Those of you who want to do everything are in for some fantastic, but very long, afternoons. Thursday, after great CLE, those of you who want to land on the Shuttle Landing Facility will be briefed by an Astronaut who has done it for real in Shuttle Atlantis, TWICE on his return from space. You will then fly closer than ever before to the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) and the launch pads, before landing on the Shuttle Landing Facility strip itself. Watch your e-mail for the form of release you will need to sign (it is onerous – but, if you want to land here, you sign it – no exceptions). You will also need to furnish proof of insurance for your aircraft, and a copy of your driver’s license. I am trying to make sure that I have everything so you only have to do it once. If you will have empty seats for the trip to the Shuttle Landing Facility, please let us know. We have several people who are without aircraft who want to fly in. While at the Shuttle Landing Facility, we will tour Starfighters, Inc., home to six operational F-104 Starfighters. Then we will proceed to our Spot Landing Demonstration Event at Arthur Dunn Air Park.

On Friday, Patrick Air Force Base will require a copy of your driver’s license in order to do a quick security check before you are permitted access to the Pararescue Jumper’s hangars. I am hopeful that we can just do ONE security check for those who will attend either event.

On Saturday, we have been advised that the B-17 “Memphis Belle” (the one used for the movie) will be giving rides at the Titusville Airport, staging out of the Valiant Air Command’s Museum and Hangar.

Saturday late afternoon and evening will be incredible! We will be going through the Saturn V experience and having a cocktail reception under a real Saturn V rocket. Following this, we will travel to the Atlantis exhibit hall. There, we will enjoy the Space Shuttle experience and dinner under the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis. We will also be able to use the various simulators located in the exhibit hall (I’m sure that it will all be in good fun, with no competitions among the pilots of our group)!

And I have only hit the highlights! There will be so much more to see and do. Of course, there will always be the sun, sea and sand at our hotel; spontaneous yoga sessions in the morning; a chance to surf or paddleboard in the local rivers; shopping in historic Cocoa; and much more. Choosing how much of everything to do will be a huge problem.

We Floridians are used to it, but I should probably mention that it is bright and sunny today with a light breeze. The temperature has plummeted down into the low 70’s (it being winter and all). But it should warm up a bit by March. I guess that might be of interest to some of you. (If you are really curious, you can always check out the live webcam of the beach and the ocean at our hotel on our website)

Anyway, Sharon and I are really looking forward to being your hosts as we all go Loco in Cocoa! Make sure to make your hotel reservations soon. The cutoff for our group rate is February 12. I predict we will sell out our block very soon. Don’t be shut out and wind up paying “rack rate” for your rooms. It could easily cost you an extra hundred dollars a day or more.

“Crazy” Charlie Morgenstein, President LPBA